What types of strawberries are best suited for a full sun location?


I’m planning on doing a mini strawberry garden in one of my old raised beds and I just had a few questions and was wondering if you had any general advice about growing, maintaining, etc.

  • What type of strawberry is best suited for Maine in full sun?
  • Is it better to start a garden from already started plants or seeds started inside?


Liz Stanley, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

Yes, it’s better to grow strawberries from healthy dormant plants rather than seeds. As far as a variety goes, much depends on whether you want berries for fresh eating, freezing and preserving, or early season, mid season or late season. There are also everbearing (or day-neutral) varieties. We suggest that home gardeners look for disease-resistant varieties. This fact sheet has more detail:  Strawberry Varieties for Maine.

This fact sheet (with videos) Growing Strawberries outlines: Selecting a Planting Site, Preparing the Soil, Suggested Varieties, Planting and First Season Care, Mulching, Renewing the Planting and Disease and Insect Control.

It’s probably a bit late to order the variety you want online, but sometimes you can get good plants at your local nursery or garden center. (They’re more likely to carry a hardy variety for your area than a “big box” store.)