Why have I found several four-leaf clovers in my yard?


I have found five four-leaf clovers in my yard in the past week. Is there some sort of mutation that makes these more likely in my yard?


Jonathan Foster, Special Project Assistant 

You have discovered a well-kept Extension secret. Once every generation, leprechauns from all over Maine hold their great conference in one location to determine rainbow directional orientation, gold burial placement, update on the luck supply, general opinion on wearing green (100% yea vote… again… 500 years running…), and wish fulfillment assignments for the next several decades. Much like how tailgaters leave cans scattered around when they move on after the big game, you can always tell where the leprechaun meeting has been by the prevalence of four leaf clovers, and it seems your yard was chosen this time! Be glad it’s just the clovers… in 1978, Jane Smith of Bangor, ME, found her yard awash in Lucky Charms after such an event….

I kid, of course! How fantastic to have found so many! I think I’ve only found one myself in my entire life.

I am exceedingly sorry that I don’t have any actual information on what might be causing the happy occurrence in your yard, but I did do some digging on four leaf clover in general. This Univ of Georgia Coop Extension article goes in depth on what causes the mutation and how difficult it is to understand. It’s exceedingly tough to replicate the genetics involved, even when breeding clover to replicate the 4 leaf presentation! You might also enjoy this short piece from the UMaine Coop Extension in honor of St. Patrick’s Day several years back.