Is there a program to help control and clear Rose Multiflora?


I have Rose Multiflora all over my property. I was told by a neighbor that there is a program to get help to get the rosa under control and cleared out. Is this true and would you have information about it?


Jonathan Foster, Special Projects Assistant

I’m not aware of any programs to help with multiflora rose removal, but I do have a few resources for you to check with:

State of Maine List of Private Companies for Invasive Species Removal

Maine Soil and Water Conservation Districts page

UMaine Cooperative Extension Bulletin #2509, Multiflora Rose

Maine Natural Areas Program page on Multiflora rose

You may have more luck reaching out to the Soil and Water Conservation District above, or to a private company on the above list. The last two links contain information for homeowners on the plant and how to begin combating it.