What advice do you have for planting more native sea grasses in our coastal yard?


We live on the coast and after this year’s winter storms, we are considering planting more native sea grasses in the yard. We are hoping they could survive near the tide but out of it and then help hold soil when it is inundated during larger storms. What advice could you provide on this?


Jonathan Foster, Home Horticulture Outreach Professional

I have two resources I would highly recommend for you: the Cumberland County Soil and Water District’s Coastal Planting Guide and the State of Maine’s Buffer Handbook Plant List. All of the grasses listed in the first link are native and the second link (while it does include non-native plants, as well) notes which are native and makes their inclusion part of their project goal. The coastal planting guide also gives recommendations for salt and tide tolerance for each of the grasses recommended.

You might also take a look at the State of Maine Natural Areas Program’s fact sheet on various ecosystems–including information about their flora and fauna, characteristic features, and how to conserve them. I pulled one on Dune Grasslands and one on Coastal Beaches, as they might be appropriate for your location, but you can search other data sheets on their website, as well, if that doesn’t seem the best fit.

Good luck, and happy gardening.