Master Gardener Development Board Grant Application

Master Gardener Development Fund Grant Application

The Maine Master Gardener Development Fund supports the establishment or expansion of horticulture-based educational projects in communities across the state of Maine. All projects must involve Master Gardener Volunteers and be approved by local Master Gardener coordinators. Applications must be submitted by 3/15/2019.
  • Please note before filling out this application

    This page cannot be saved as a draft. We suggest you compose your responses in a document, then cut and paste them into this form.
  • What?When?Who? 
    Use + option to add each specific step to your plan.
  • You must document your project's progression and completion.
  • NameTown/CityCounty MGV Program Affiliation 
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  • What we needHow much it will cost 
    Please provide the following information on each budget item: what you want to purchase (please be as specific as possible), how much it will cost (reasonable estimates are acceptable) and why you need it for your project. For example: Expense: 25 medium planting pots ($1.00 each) $25.00 Explanation: We will be planting 1 for each of the 25 nursing home residents
  • What we'll provideEstimated value 
    The applicant must show equal contribution of cash match or volunteer time. List what the applicant will provide (ex: estimated volunteer hours and any other in-kind donations).
  • Although funds from other sources are not required, please let the Master Gardener Development Board know if there are any other organizations, businesses or individuals who have supported this project, and in what way, so that we can thank them and give them credit for their support in our outreach efforts.