Do you have a gardening question?

Here’s how UMaine Cooperative Extension can best support you with gardening questions!

1.  Send us an email at

    • For insect or plant disease questions, include a few clear photos in your email
    • For plant ID, include photos of the flower or fruits, leaf arrangement, etc.  (we cannot ID a dead specimen)

2.  Give us a call at 667-8212

    • You may need to leave a detailed message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

3.  DIY – Soil/ Plant/ Insect Submission forms and instructions are available online


*Due to the high volume of plant disease and insect samples our labs are receiving, we recommend working with your local Extension office first to try to identify the issue. A photo of the disease or insect is ALWAYS the preferred first choice before live samples because it minimizes handling and in-person visits.