Submitting Insect Specimens

Important Notices:

  • As of June 1, 2020, we are accepting insect specimens by mail to:  UMaine Extension Diagnostic and Research Lab • Attn: Insect ID Lab • 17 Godfrey Drive Orono, Maine 04473
  • University of Maine Cooperative Extension buildings are closed to the public until June 30, 2020 in an effort to ensure the health and safety of the community, and to help stem the spread of the coronavirus. Consequently, ‘walk-in samples’ of insects are not being accepted for any diagnostic service until further notice.
  • You can also still call us, email us, and/or send images: 207.581.2963 or email
  • Submissions of images should include your name, phone number, business name (if applicable), county, problem (if applicable), specimen location (for example: on my kitchen counter), date when specimen was found, and good/in-focus images.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this challenging time.



Pest Management Unit
Insect ID Lab
17 Godfrey Drive
Orono, ME 04473-3692
Contact Information:
1.800.287.0279 (within Maine)

How to submit an insect specimen for proper identification:

  • All insects (excluding butterflies and moths) should be placed in a small leak-proof container with just enough rubbing alcohol to cover specimen for preservation.
  • Butterflies and moths should be packed in tissue or cotton for best possible preservation.
  • You can mail or drop off specimens at your local County Extension Office or the Pest Management Office.
  • IMPORTANT: Please do not submit floor sweepings, vacuum cleaner contents or specimens from the body (although ticks, suspected nits, and lice will be accepted.

Please Provide:

Your Name:___________________________________

Phone Number:______________________________

Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________________________

Email Address:_____________________________________________________________________________

Submission Date: _____________

Please provide the following information about your insect specimen:

Where was the insect found? (i.e. kitchen, yard, bathroom, etc.)_______________________________________

What was the insect on? (i.e. animal, tomato, sink, etc.) _____________________________________________

Approximately how many insects were found? ____________

Describe damage, if any? _____________________________________________________________________

Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________

Do you have treatment preferences? ____________________________________________________________

Do you have children or pets in the home? _______________

(If applicable) Submitted By: