AgRadar Weather Subscription


AgRadar Weather delivers ag-aware, hourly and daily forecast and observed weather customized for your specific location directly from NOAA .
* Charts, tables, and data files are updated with each new forecast run 4X per day.  Observation records are updated daily.
* Spatial resolution is 1.5 miles for short-range forecasts and observations.

The weather intelligence is delivered in multiple forms:
* Option to receive twice-daily email weather reports,
* Interactive online graphs and tables,
* Downloadable hourly data spreadsheet files for documentation and your own in-house analysis, or as input for decision support models.

Weather for each site includes hourly observation and forecast values for;
* Standard air temperature, Dew point temperature, Apparent temperature (heat stress, wind chill);
* Relative humidity, Precipitation (probability and amount);
* Wind speed, direction, and gusts;
* Cloud cover %, Solar radiation.

Plus additional Agricultural variables such as:
* Evapotranspiration,
* Leaf wetness,
* Wet bulb temperature,
* Soil temperatures (two depths, 2″ and 10″),
* Soil moisture % (two depths, 2″ and 10″),
* Growing degree days,
* Spray conditions rating,
* Drying conditions rating,
* Livestock thermal stress.

+Email reports:  For no extra charge, subscribers can receive twice-a-day email reports with 48-hour forecast detail, 9-day daily forecast, and past 7-days daily observations.  The subscription fee includes report delivery for 1 to 4 email addresses.  Email reports are formatted with HTML that >95% of current email programs use.  If your email program is one of the older versions that do not align data columns correctly in HTML tables, then you are better off using the tables and charts published online at the same time the email reports are generated.

+Interactive charts of hourly, site-specific weather forecasts and observation variables are updated 8X per day (Air temperature, Precipitation amount, Wind speed/direction/gusts), or 4X per day (Chance of Precip, Relative Humidity, Pressure).

+Data tables: 
  * 48-hour forecast detail,
  * 9-day daily forecast,
  * 7-day daily observations,
  * Summary of past 7 day observations, 1-7-day forecast, 8-14 day forecast.

+Spreadsheet/Excel -compatible data files with each hourly forecast and observation value.  Great for recordkeeping, essential for model input.

Emailed Forecast and Observation Reports  – Monmouth Maine email report example
Data Tables –
Excel-compatible data files –