Plant Disease Identification Box


Plant ID Box containing Submission Form, Gloves, Sterile Underpads, Kimwipes, Sterile Tweezer(s), Petri Dish(es), Sterile DI Water Tubes, Razor Blade(s), Plastic Dish(es), Screen Mesh, Sealed Plastic Bag, and Alcohol Wipes(s)The purpose of the sale of the Plant Disease Identification Box is to better aid those who wish to participate in the diagnostic process as well as those who cannot send plant material to the lab either due to limited plant material or by federal laws regulations. The Box requires the client to perform the first few steps of the diagnostic procedure themselves so that cultures can be sent to the lab without plant material.

Cost: $125

The Box includes the items below as well as the lab service of identifying the organisms sent in culture, and the appropriate management practices for diseases diagnosed. Shipping is included in the cost of the box.

The Box includes:

  • Gloves
  • Sterile Underpads
  • Kimwipes
  • Sterile Tweezer(s)
  • Petri Dish(es)
  • Sterile DI Water Tubes
  • Razor Blade(s)
  • Plastic Dish(es)
  • Screen Mesh
  • Sealed Plastic Bag
  • Alcohol Wipes(s)

If you are interested in purchasing the Plant Disease Identification Box:

Contact Dr. Alicyn Smart at or 207.581.3883 to ensure the symptoms are conducive with a disease, to determine the correct plant material to use (leaves, roots, etc.) and to ensure the correct media is being provided for suspected disease. Once this is determined, a link to a web page will be sent to you for the purchase of the Box. Upon the purchase of the Identification Box, a link to an instructional video will be sent in the confirmation e-mail. Boxes will be shipped Monday-Thursday to ensure the media is viable at the time received.