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Insect and Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab - Submitting Insect Specimens


Send your insect specimen with this completed form to:

Pest Management Office                      Contact Information:
Attn: Clay Kirby                                   Clay Kirby: 207-581-2963
491 College Avenue                            1-800-287-0279 (within Maine)
Orono, ME 04473                                CLAY.KIRBY@MAINE.EDU


How to submit an insect specimen for proper identification:

  • All insects (excluding butterflies and moths) should be placed in a small leak-proof container with just enough rubbing alcohol to cover specimen for preservation.
  • Butterflies and moths should be packed in tissue or cotton for best possible preservation.
  • You can mail or drop off specimens at your local County Extension Office or the Pest Management Office.
  • IMPORTANT: Please do not submit floor sweepings, vacuum cleaner contents or specimens from the body (although ticks, suspected nits, and lice will be accepted

Please Provide:

Your Name:___________________________________      Phone Number:_____________________________


Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________________________


Email Address:_____________________________________________________________________________


Please provide the following information about your insect specimen:

Where was the insect found? (i.e. kitchen, yard, bathroom, etc.)_______________________________________


What was the insect on? (i.e. animal, tomato, sink, etc.) _____________________________________________


Approximately how many insects were found? ____________


Describe damage, if any? _____________________________________________________________________


Additional Comments: _______________________________________________________________________


Do you have treatment preferences? ____________________________________________________________


Do you have children or pets in the home? _______________


(If applicable) Submitted By:

___________________  ____________________

EDUCATOR                                   COUNTY

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