Private Pesticide Applicators

A private license is necessary for anyone who wishes to purchase, apply or supervise the application of a restricted or limited use pesticide with the intent of producing a commodity. These pesticides may be used only on property owned, leased or rented by the licensee or licensee’s employer.

Certification Exams (two are required):

  1. Core Exam: In addition to exams covering each category of application, all commercial applicators must pass an exam based on the Core Manual. The Core exam includes basic subjects including pesticide labeling, safety, environmental concerns, pest organisms, pesticides, equipment, application techniques, and applicable laws and regulations. Also required shall be knowledge of current methodology and technology for the control of pesticide drift to non-target areas, the proper meteorological conditions for the application of pesticides, and the potential adverse effect of pesticides on plants, animals or humans.
  2. Commodity Exam: All Private Applicators must demonstrate knowledge of the general principles of pest control for their major commodity, including specific pests of the crop, their life cycle, and proper timing of control measures to be efficacious.

Recertification: All private licensees, regardless of commodity, are required to obtain six recertification credits in order to renew their license every three years. Also, private pesticide applicators will not be able to renew their licenses if they fail to apply for license renewal within one year of the expiration date of the previous license, even though the required number of recertification credits has been accumulated. For more information visit the Maine Board of Pesticides Control (BPC).

* Core Manual (includes one log book) 2012:  $20.00
The Core manual is the same for all license exam; Agricultural Basic, Private, or Commercial.

Blueberry Manual Reprint 2003: $10.00

Field & Forage (Silage Corn) Cornell 2003: $35.00

Forestry Manual (Christmas Tree) Cornell 2006: 40.00

* Orchard Fruit Manual 2012: $10.00

Greenhouse  Manual Reprint 2003: $12.00

Potato Manual Reprint 2003: $15.00

Small Fruit Manual 1993: $15.00

* Turf Manual 2009: $20.00

Vegetable Manual Reprint 2006: $10.00

Nursery Manual (Outdoor Ornamental Manual used): Michigan Reprint 2009: $25.00

Log Books (Individually): $4.00

More Information:

Meghan DillAdministrative Assistant II
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Pest Management Office
491 College Ave.
Orono, ME 04473-1295
Phone: 207.581.3878

Don Barry, PSEP Program Assistant
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Pest Management Office
491 College Ave.
Orono, ME 04473-1295
Phone: 207.581.3884

For information on Certification and Licensing, Pesticide Laws and Regulations, and the Worker Protection Standard, visit the Maine Board of Pesticides Control.


Gary Fish, Manager of Pesticide Programs
Board of Pesticides Control
State House Station #28
Augusta, ME 04333-0028
Phone: 207.287.2731