Plan of Work

In order to have a high-quality learning experience and meet your club goals for the year, your club should develop a “Plan of Work.” Spending time at the beginning of the 4-H Year to plan will pay off at the end of the year- especially when you can see the positive outcomes and meet your goals! Youth members and adult project leaders should be involved in developing this “Plan,” which should then be shared and approved by the Club. Please send a copy of the “Plan” to your UMaine Extension 4-H Educator by November 30. Independent Members will also need to develop and submit a “Plan.”

The “Plan” can take on any format, but should include the following:

  1. Club Leader and Project/Assistant Leader contact information
  2. Elected Youth Officers’ Names and Titles
  3. Club Goals for the Year
  4. Meeting Schedule for Club and/or Projects, and description of Activities.

All Clubs and Members should develop “Plans of Work” that includes:

  • Community Service
  • Health and/or Safety opportunity
  • Election of Officers
  • Family Celebration

Here is a template with a sample: 4-H Plan of Work Form (PDF)