Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Roles

Volunteer swims with youthVolunteering with 4-H is an extremely rewarding experience, and there are many different ways in which you can make a positive impact. Below is a list of Volunteer Roles that are available in Hancock County.

4-H Club Leader

Work in partnership with youth to develop life skills through a “learn by doing” approach.  Traditional 4-H Clubs meet year-round and can focus on any topic ranging from raising animals to building robots and everything in between!

4-H SPIN Club Leader

A 4-H SPIN Club is a SPecial INterest club where youth learn about a specific topic. Topics vary and include interests such as nature, arts, science, photography, gardening, engineering, and more. SPIN clubs are short-term programs led by volunteers who have a passion for learning and want to share their skills, talents, or special interests with youth.

4-H Independent or Parent/Guardian Volunteer

This is the ideal role for a parent, guardian, and/or adult mentor. In this role, you are at the forefront of incorporating youth-adult partnerships into 4-H programs. Independent Volunteers can be found mentoring youth through an independent project, chaperoning a club field trip or fundraiser, helping youth to learn a particular skill, and much more.

4-H School Volunteer

Bring the 4-H positive youth development approach and experiential learning techniques to your after-school program, student clubs, etc., and strengthen your connection to extensive UMaine resources that will enhance your programs. In the classroom, teachers can work with their whole class and participate in 4-H projects (from 4-H Science to Public Speaking and more), as well as county 4-H events.

4-H Community Partner

Is your organization interested in education but lacks the resources to conduct an outreach program? Partnering with 4-H is an effective way to reach youth in your community.

Episodic 4-H Volunteer

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities that may not require training or a long-term commitment. Judging at a 4-H event, leading a hands-on workshop, helping with a specific fundraiser, guest speaking, assisting with a garden project, and more.