Maine Corn Silage Hybrid Trial Nominations, 2021

We are looking for hybrid nominations as follows:

  1. Main nominations. Up to 3 hybrids per seed company. If possible, we’d like these to be early, mid-, and late maturing hybrids.
  2. BMR nomination. One BMR hybrid per company, if there is one of interest.
  3. Extra nominations. Up to 3 additional hybrids per company can be nominated. We will put them in if we have room. Please list these in order of importance, since we may not have room to put in all of these extras. If there are a lot of extras, we’ll add in the top choice from each company with extras, then the second choices, and so on.

Seed amount needed: Plot bags of seed (about 30,000 kernels).

Ship seed to:

Waldo County Extension Office, 992 Waterville Rd., Waldo, ME. 04915

OR you can drop the seed off at Misty Meadows Farm (clearly labelled, please!)

Cost: $150 for each variety planted, along with help at planting and harvest. We will contact you after planting with information about payment options.

Plot location:  Misty Meadows Farm, Clinton, ME

Please let us know your varieties (with RM) by Friday, April 30. Thanks!

Caragh Fitzgerald and Rick Kersbergen, Extension Educators |