Maine Harvest for Hunger Program

What is Maine Harvest for Hunger?

Hand planting heart image from connieIt is a grassroots, people-helping-people program. This innovative public service campaign encourages gardeners to grow a little extra and donate to local food pantries to fight hunger.

You CAN Make a Difference!

As an individual, you can:

  • Join our network! Sign up to enroll in our program today
  • Donate any excess produce from your own garden
  • Volunteer at a local community garden already growing for food pantry donation
  • Transport donations of your own or help others unable to do so to a food collection site
  • Sign-up to receive periodic announcements of other opportunities to help, such as gleaning leftover produce from a farm field or orchard

Visit the How You Can Help page on the Cooperative Extension website for more information.

Visit the Maine Harvest for Hunger: Produce Tips page to find useful tips for when to harvest and how to estimate weight for donation.

You may also request an enrollment form by e-mail at or by telephone 207.622.7546, or 1.800.287.4891 (in Maine), and return to the Kennebec County Extension Office. You will be given additional information, including a list of nearby food pantries and times to drop off the fresh produce.

Maine Harvest for Hunger is part of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program with the goal “to provide fresh, nutritious food for all Mainers”.