Ellsworth Culvert Prioritization Model

A simple method to prioritize culverts

  • Design perspective (which culverts should have diameters upgraded)
  • Management perspective (which culverts should be repaired or inspected first)


Culvert Value (?)  =  Neighboring Property Values  X  Traffic Value

Screen shot showing property via Google Earthscreen shot showing property via Google Earth, with arrow pointing to the culvert value

Each culvert now has a value that can be used in design and management prioritization.

Other variables to consider:

  • length of possible detour if culvert fails
  • age of road/culvert
  • locations of important services (police, fire, ema, schools, etc.)
  • most of these are on Route 1A
  • roads with dead-ends (residents are isolated if culvert fails)

Any model will have assumptions

  • they can be tailored to your needs and values
  • they can always be tested and re-engineered

Team Members:

Supported by National Science Foundation award EPS-0904155 to Maine EPSCoR at the University of Maine.