Veterinarians Who Treat Large Animals

Grazing cattleAnnabessacook Veterinary Clinic
417 Route 135 Monmouth, ME 04259
Phone: 207.933.6424 (Equine/Large Animal); 207.933.2165 (Small Animal); Fax: 207.933.2497

Practice Type: Small Animal, Equine
MVMA Members in Practice: Charmaine Brown, DVM

Apple Creek Equine Medicine, LC
710 Main Rd., Carmel, ME 04419
Phone: 207.525.4596
Practice Type: Equine, all Livestock
MVMA Members in Practice: Tanja J. Ebel, DVM

Belfast Veterinary Hospital
193 Northport Avenue Belfast, ME 04915
Phone: 207.338.3260; Fax: 207.338.3283
Practice Type: Mixed
MVMA Members in Practice: Sarah Caputo, DVM (Sheep/Goats/Some Other)

Peter A Caradonna DVM
Gardiner, Maine

Conaree Equine
309 Rocky Dundee Rd., Buxton, ME  04093
Phone: 207.797.6000
Martha Smith, DVM

Curtis Equine Veterinary Service (Mobile)
(formerly DPC of Central Maine & Curtis Equine Veterinary Service)
462 Garland Road Winslow, ME 04901
Phone: 207.314.1909
Scott K. Curtis, MS, DVM (Not currently an active member of the MVMA)
Large Animal Veterinarian and Owner
Federally Accredited Veterinarian – USDA
Veterinary Medical Officer – USDA APHIS
National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps

Equine Veterinary Service
132 US Route One, Suite 1, Freeport, ME  04032
Phone: 207.865.9998
Practice Type: Equine, Camelid, Small Ruminant
MVMA  Member in Practice: Thomas A. Judd, DVM, Lila H. Solomon, DVM (not currently an active member of the MVMA)

Exeter Veterinary Services (Mobile)
PO Box 29, Exeter, ME 04435
Phone: 207.296.2100; Fax: 207.296.2101
Large Animal MVMA Members in Practice: Simon Alexander, VMD

Foxcroft Veterinary Services
1441 Dexter Road, P.O. Box 418 Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
Phone: 207.564.2144; Fax: 207.564.3271
Practice Type: Mixed
MVMA Members in Practice: Jeffrey D. Kelly, DVM, Donald Miles, Jr., DVM, Dennis Ruksznis, DVM

Hill and Harbor Veterinary Services
PO Box 867
Gardiner, ME 04345
Phone: 207.624.1676
Practice Type: Equine, Small Ruminant

Kennebec Veterinary Services
36 Highland Drive
Oakland, ME 04963
Phone: 207.465.8300; Fax: 207.465.8301
Practice Type: Mixed (Equine, Ruminants, Alpacas, Swine, Exotics, and Small Animal)
MVMA Members in Practice: Paul Smith, DVM

Maine Farm Vet (Mobile)
Brian Blanchard, DVM
Thorndike, ME
Phone: 207.313.1165
Practice Type: Mixed (Bovine, Equine, Small Ruminant, Backyard Porcine, and limited Poultry clients)

Mid Coast Equine
P.O. Box 1446
Waldoboro, ME 04572
Phone: 207.832.1058

Myhre Equine Clinic/N.E. Regional Veterinary Imaging Center
100 Ten Rod Rd. P.O. Box 1673 Rochester, NH 03866
Phone: 603.335.4777; Fax: 603.335.9923
Practice Type: Equine, Small Animal Imaging & 131 Treatment
MVMA Member in Practice: Grant Myhre, DVM

Oxford Hills Veterinary Hospital
136 Western Ave, South Paris, ME 04281
Phone: 207.743.9271; Fax: 207.744.0775
Practice Type: Mixed

Rolleston Veterinary Services
Matthew Rolleston DVM
PO Box 77 | Saint Albans, ME 04971
Office: 207-343-0188 | Fax: 207-692-1030 | Email:

Cara Shepard, DVM (Mobile)
New Gloucester, ME
Phone: 207.636.7505 (email for appointment)
Practice Type: Mixed (goats, horses, cattle, swine, sheep, poultry, etc.)
Seeing animals in South-Central Maine and Southern New Hampshire

Saint John Valley Veterinary Services Inc
Rob Arnott DVM
Blaine, Maine

Turner Veterinary Service
273 Auburn Road Turner, ME 04282
Phone: 207.225.2155; Fax: 207.225.3273
Practice Type: Mixed
Large Animal MVMA Member in Practice

Also, The Maine Department of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry keeps up a spreadsheet of Large Animal Veterinarians practicing around the state.

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