So, You Want to Farm in Maine?

  • Perhaps you have long thought about moving to a farm and wonder whether it’s really the right life for you and your family. Maybe you once lived on a farm and are thinking of going back. Maybe you’re a young person starting out and are intrigued with the possibilities of life on a farm.

    The questions in this self-assessment will help you decide whether farm life is right for you. The purpose of the questionnaire is not to give you a particular “score,” but rather to cover some of the realities of farming in Maine. The questions will give you some guidance as you search for more information. They should help you find areas where you need more data.

    If you can answer “yes” to most of the questions, then you probably will have a fairly good chance of success in farming. But of course you will want to gather many more facts before you proceed further.

    It usually is advisable to consult several different experts, including USDA agency representatives; seed, fertilizer and implement dealers; bankers; farmer cooperative officials, and others before you commit yourself to a major action, such as buying land. In many cases, it makes much more sense to rent or lease the land you want to farm.

    If you truthfully answer “no” or “don’t know” to most of the questions, then you probably shouldn’t think about moving to a farm unless you are motivated by strong personal reasons. If you are strongly motivated, you will want to prepare yourself thoroughly by getting more answers. You’ll find some suggestions on the last page about where to look or write for help. You will be asked to submit your contact information to receive your score.
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    (For sample budget, contact Tori Jackson.)
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