Maine Families in Knox County Newsletter, October 2022

Fall is here!

We are continuing to meet with families in a variety of fashions including fresh air visits, home visits, and zoom visits.

Parent Educator Spotlight:

Gretchen GeeGretchen Gee, BS, CCLS
Parent Education Professional/Maine Families Visitor

Gretchen Gee likes to be called “GG.” She has been a family visitor for 7 years, working with Maine Families since January 2019. She loves working with families in their homes, supporting them during day-to-day challenges, and celebrating their joy. Parenting is a tough job and she is honored that parents allow her to join them in the journey. When she isn’t working, she loves spending time with her family and friends.


Maine Families on Maine Calling

Recently one of our parent educators, Heather Elowe, called into Maine Calling to alert listeners to the presence of our program in the state and spread awareness about the services we provide. It was a fascinating conversation, to begin with, and Heather did a great job representing our program. If you would like to listen to it click the link below:

“Myths and science of how the parental brain works and what it means to be a parent” (Maine Calling, Apple Podcasts Preview)

Group Connection at Aldermere Farm

a closeup of a cow at Aldemere Farm a group of Belted Galloway cows at Aldemere FarmOur participating families were able to take a tour of Aldermere Farm in Rockport in late August. Heidi Baker, the general manager of the farm, introduced us to some of the students who are involved in the local 4-H program and the cows that they take care of. Heidi read us two books that featured cows and everyone had a wonderful time. We will be continuing to host opportunities for families to connect with each other and the wider community throughout the year.


We would just like to acknowledge the work you all do as providers to increase awareness about our program. We appreciate all of the referrals that are coming in. Thank you so much!

Thanks for reading and we will update everyone next quarter!

— Hannah Pennington, Claudia Williamson, and GG

This brief newsletter will go out quarterly and will keep providers up to date on what is happening within our program. It is being provided by three Parent Education Professionals who cover Knox and Lincoln Counties: Hannah Pennington, Parent Educator, Maine Families in Knox and Lincoln Counties; Claudia Williamson, Parent Education Professional/Maine Families Visitor, Knox County; and Gretchen Gee (GG), Parent Education Professional, Knox and Lincoln Counties. If you think of someone who would benefit from receiving this newsletter please share it with them.