2021 January PCEA-EC Minutes

Piscataquis County Extension Association Annual Meeting

January 11th, 2021

3 pm by Zoom

Present: Beth McEvoy, George McKay, Rick Cabot, Carole Boothroyd, Judy Cross Strehike, Jessica Leahy, Zachary Davis, Susan Mackey Andrews, Kathleen Bell, Erin Brown, Kaycee Weber, Morgan Leach, David Fuller, Donna Coffin, Anette Moulton, Trisha Smith, Emily Mott, Lisa Phelps. 


  • Beth McEvoy opened the meeting with introductions of staff. 

Piscataquis County Extension Programs

  • Donna Coffin showed the video of the Pecha-Kucha on the past years’ Extension programs in Piscataquis County. 
  • Sheila Norman showed the video from the 4-H Communications Science Team.

Piscataquis County Extension Association Business

  • Beth recognized outgoing Piscataquis County Extension Executive Committee members, Carole Boothroyd and Gretchen Huettner. She also acknowledged members Rick Cabot and Steve DeGoosh who started in 2020. And continuing members Ben Cookson and Karen Murphy. 
  • Nominations and election of officers: Exec comm supposed to have Pres.  VP. Sec Treas.  Term of the Executive Committee is three years, with 2 consecutive terms OK.  Secretary may assign a “recorder” for each meeting. Quorum is 50% of current members. 
  • Incoming member Judy Cross.
  • Since a quorum of members were not present a vote on the slate of officers and incoming member was tabled. 



  • Summary of discussion: Compare areas that were 1. Rural 2. forested. 3.  Nature-based tourism. 4. Lagging population growth. 5. Rural youth leaving the area.
  • 87% response rate. (Foxcroft Academy did not participate)
  • FAFSA student loan program had a dramatic reduction in form submissions in 2020
  • Kids want career mentorship- direction and advice
  • Attendees who contributed to the discussion: Casey Weber. Megan Leach, Sue Mackey Andrews.


  • Sue Mackey Andrews, Facilitator, Helping Hands with Heart/Maine Highlands Investment Partnerships discussed the Working Community Challenge – Boston FED Grant

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 pm


Notes by Donna Coffin and Beth McEvoy