2022 Piscataquis County Extension Association Annual Meeting

Veterinary Forensic Pathology

Nanny WenzlowThe Piscataquis County Extension Association topic for their annual meeting in January 2022 was Veterinary Forensic Pathology and One Health by Nanny Wenzlow, DVM, PhD, MRCVS (forensic veterinary pathology). This session was recorded. To receive a link to the recording email extension.piscataquis@maine.edu.

Animal welfare is very linked to human welfare. Not just the comradeship and fun that our pets bring to us, but also the opposite: sometimes abusers of animals also are abusers of other people. This presentation will explore the link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse and psychopathic human behavior. As well, it will describe the many challenges faced in the veterinary CSI world. Content of this program may not be suitable for all audiences, participant discretion is advised.

“I will make the link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse and psychopathic human behavior. I will also emphasize various challenges faced in the veterinary CSI world,” says Wenzlow.

Dr. Nanny Wenzlow is a board-certified anatomic pathologist veterinarian with a DVM degree from Belgium and residency training from Switzerland and the UK. After a few months of private diagnostic pathology service in the UK, Dr. Wenzlow joined the University of Florida initially as a clinical instructor for anatomic pathology, then pursued a Ph.D. program in molecular forensics pathology. She also completed a “one-time-created” two-year fellowship for veterinary forensic pathology and is the first certificate holder for veterinary forensic pathology in North America. Dr. Wenzlow has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Montreal for three years and is a visiting veterinary pathologist with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

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