Act Locally: Help Support Piscataquis County’s Extension Activities

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     The Piscataquis County Extension Association has openings for people to serve on its board. Extension programs are run by University of Maine Cooperative Extension and are designed to bring practical, research-based information from the University of Maine into the county to meet local needs. County Extension Associations have a long history in Maine. The first one was established in 1915 to help direct the work of county “agents.” Since 1919, Maine’s County Extension Act has defined the role of these county associations in carrying out Extension work.
     In partnership with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension staff, each County Extension Association Board member is aware of extension programming (breadth & depth), helps to promote extension programming in their respective circles, community and municipality. Also, board members are encouraged to observe &/or participate in extension programs.
     To find out more information, go to Piscataquis County Extension Association or contact the UMaine Cooperative Extension at 207.564.3301 or email
University of Maine Cooperative Extension Executive Committee Interest Survey
Laurie Bowen, Food System Program Assistant
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Piscataquis County
Beth McEvoy, DVM, President
Piscataquis County Extension Association