April 10, 2017

Extension Executive Committee meeting minutes

April 10, 2017


Present:        Walter Boomsma, Dottie Hadler, Tish Dutton, Janet Weatherbee, Karen Murphy,                                   Carole Boothroyd, George McKay, David Bridges, Beth McEvoy Donna Coffin,                                         Trisha Smith, Sheila Norman, Barb Barker (via Skype)


Secretary’s report from last meeting accepted.

Budget report was reviewed, and accepted. In summary, we are on track in expenditures.

See the attached County Commissioners Budget Information.

Unfinished business:

  1. GrowME         The Master Schedule serves as a report, with 730 students (which included pre-K) participating. Every child planted a bean in a plastic bag with a moist paper towel . Milo event went well. Greenville was cancelled due to lack of facilitator due to illness.
  2. One Tomato     Project requires #400 tomato plants , around June 1. There will be reduced number of venues, and more plants distributed at the Black Fly Festival in Milo. Discussed the possibility of purchasing seedlings if there were any glitches in the current plan.   The Committee approved a motion that authorizes the expenditure of approximately $160 to purchase seedlings if necessary.
  3. Executive Committee membership       A motion was made and passed unanimously to elect Carole and Karen to serve for 3 year terms, until April of 2020.
  4. Sedo School Garden improvements   Discussion of what improvements needed to be made to the Sedo garden, specifically moving the perimeter fence, which is currently too close to the beds. George (and Richard, in absentia, without his knowledge) volunteered to move the fence. Suggestions made to change fencing to a more sturdy metal posts and wire mesh, with enhancements to deter deer. An estimate of expenses for this upgrade will be made and considered next meeting.

Program Reports from Staff:

  1. Donna        Please see attached Piscataquis Activities March-April 2017.
  2. Trish          Home Horticulture report attached.

(Walter and Donna had conflicting obligations and left the meeting at this point)

  1. Sheila   4H program updates attached.


Executive Committee transition:     With Walter’s departure from the position and the need to elect a person        to fill it, the key functions and duties of the Executive Director were discussed. None of the         attending committee members were eager to fill those shoes! It was decided that if one person         volunteered to take on the responsibilities for a period of 3 months, we might be able to have a            rotating position and the daunting prospect of a full term be lessened. With this in mind, Beth agreed      to act as President for the next three months. We are anticipating that Amanda will be willing to assist        in secretarial duties such as agenda distribution, e mailing reports, etc, although a recording Secretary            for the            meetings will be required.

A plan was made to re-elect those Committee members whose terms are expiring in 2017 at the       October meeting.

Meeting adjourned: 4:37 pm


Next meeting: May 8, 2017 3 pm


Acting Secretary, Beth