July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017     Piscataquis County Extension Association, Executive Committee Meeting

Called to order 3:00 pm

Members present: Beth McEvoy, Carole Boothroyd, Karen Murphy, Richard Neal, George McKay, David Bridges. Staff present: Donna Coffin, Trisha Smith, Sheila Norman

Sheila Norman appointed to act as time keeper today.

Secretary’s Report accepted as read in e-mail.

Budget Report accepted as given by Donna Coffin. Donna presented budget information in both a format for the entire fiscal year and a format for the month of July only. Members liked both.

4H Update presented by Sheila Norman.

  • One of the two Envirothon Teams moved on to the State Competition, where the team did very well.
  • Sheila reports that Rebecca Huettner is one of four selected in the State of Maine to attend the 4H National Congress in Atlanta, Georgia and that two 4H members, Tyler and Geneva, have achieved certification to teach shotgun and shooting sports.
  • Sheila passed around a sign-up sheet for supervision of the 4H Exhibit Hall at the Piscataquis County Fair; volunteers can also contact Amanda to sign up.

Home Horticulture Update presented by Trisha Smith.

  • Trisha conducted two on-site training sessions for Dover Cove Farmers to use recording/reporting software for food vouchers.
  • 57 children are participating in the Piscataquis Passport Project. If they are regulars in the school garden, they are considered to be 4-H club members, so they can get into the Piscataquis Valley Fair for free. There will be a Piscataquis Passport Project display in the 4-H Exhibit Hall at the Fair.
  • Second graders harvested kale, spinach and garlic scapes and thinned carrots and chard at the SEDO garden and made a colorful Thank You card for Trisha!
  • Trisha asks what to do with excess garlic? Last year there was 5 lbs. Sell it or donate to the school kitchen? It was decided to donate extra garlic to SeDoMoCha.
  • The fence posts have arrived at Tractor Supply. A work party to install fencing has been arranged at the SEDO garden for 9am on Monday July 17. Richard and George volunteered. Cost of fencing supplies: $422.16

Programs Update presented by Donna Coffin

  • Donna reports that there have been 44 total contacts for ongoing direct communication on various issues, such as weed ID/Pesticide Recertification walk, horse hay and pasture info, ground cover for banks, porcupine trouble, pond algae control.
  • A total of 432 tomatoes have been distributed through the One Tomato program, which completes Phase 1.
  • A new temporary on-call clerk, Anette Moulton, has been hired to cover Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8 am to noon. Amanda’s office will now be the middle office on the first floor; Amanda will continue to divide her time between work for the university on Purchasing/Accounts Payable and her Piscataquis County Extension work.
  • Weed Identification and Pesticide Recertification is scheduled for August 10, 6 pm to 8 pm at Stutzman’s Farm, Sangerville
  • Donna requests that time be set aside at the August meeting to brainstorm possible poster and/or placemats to get info out around the time of the annual report. Usually handed out at the Fair.

Unfinished Business

Executive Committee Recruitment- New Member David Bridges, was elected unanimously

Office Beautification-Tabled

Future Executive Committee Projects- Possible community programs:

  • Help at the Piscataquis County Fair
  • Newspaper articles and press releases
  • Drawings for prizes
  • Like and Share on Facebook
  • Community garden projects in towns, schools
  • High school community service credits

New Business

  • Budget Preparation- Donna presented a 2018 Budget Request, with the same dollar amount as 2017, although with a few changes in how money is distributed. The 2018 Budget was approved by the unanimous vote of the committee. Tom Lizotte wants the budget request by September 1, 2107. Donna will send out a Google doc for members of the Executive Committee to edit budget justifications.
  • Annual Meeting- Donna will ask a representative of Libra Foundation to speak and confirm a date.

Guest Speaker

Steve Grammont spoke at length about the purchase of the old Agway Buildings in Dover-Foxcroft by himself and Erin Calloway and their plans to develop it as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit called Piscataquis Regional Food Center. Steve described how the warehouse section will be used this year as a food hub, in a pilot project with Good Shepherd food banks. The local Farmers’ Market will also find a home in the Agway building. In 2018, Steve and Erin envision expanding the food hub to include local agricultural products. An example given is “a place to aggregate large amounts of food for delivery to large purchasers, such as hospitals, schools and restaurants”. In 2019, Piscataquis Regional Food Center hopes to add a light processing center, to prepare raw food for distribution to both food cupboards and paying customers. The ability to process and package food ties into Good Shepherd’s Farm to Pantry program, which currently distributes from a Hampden facility. The plan is to truck farm produce from the Dover-Foxcroft hub to the Hampden facility and return with food items for the Dover-Foxcroft food pantry. The processing center could also be used for classes and rented for small businesses who need a certified kitchen part-time. Steve promises to update the committee of progress.


Adjourn: 5:20 pm

Submitted by Carole Boothroyd, Acting Secretary