March 13, 2017

Piscataquis County Extension Association

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2017

Present:  Walter Boomsma, Donna Coffin, Janet Yelch-Weatherbee, Trisha Smith, Dotty Hadler, Tish Dutson, George McKay, Sheila Norman, Karen Murphy – guest, Carole Boothroyd – guest

Called to order at 3:10 p.m.


Secretary’s Report – January Minutes were approved unanimously.

Budget Report – See attached reports—noted that we bought stamps for the first time since 2015!

Program Reports – See attached reports. Please note 4-H is looking for a leader/instructor volunteer for a 4-H Babysitting Spin Club. The curriculum is available.


Unfinished Business

Master Calendar: There seemed to be no interest in creating and maintaining a local calendar, so the subject is tabled.

One Tomato: There was discussion regarding cutting back on the number of distribution points unless there are more volunteers to assist. Walter suggested that some of the points do not actually require staffing and suggested a tentative schedule be developed and attempts made to “fill in the schedule,” rather than just make a general request for help. The consensus seemed to be that we should increase the number of plants for the Black Fly Festival but keep the total about the same.

GrowME: Walter reported that the schedule was nearly completed with at least one volunteer assigned to every classroom. Apples will again be provided by Rollins Orchards. Seeds and soil for dirt babies will be provided by Extension. Walter also reported he would handle Pre-K at SeDoMoCha since no one else was available and would likely be doing a “one bean” presentation based on a book he purchased and an activity of planting bean sides in sandwich bags with moist paper towels so the kids could watch them sprout.

Executive Committee Membership: We welcomed Karen and Carole, noting that there are still some opportunities for membership.


New Business

Resignation: Walter presented his letter of resignation as president and committee members effective April 30, 2017. He explained that he felt it was time for a change of leadership as the Committee’s role matures and changes and he has several other projects vying for his time and attention. Donna expressed thanks for his leadership, noting that we have come from nearly being closed to a supported part of the county. Walter indicated he would certainly help during the transition and would love to try to participate as an occasional volunteer in projects such as the 4-H Speaking Contest and helping with the school garden at SeDoMoCha. He also pledged to provide a “brief” with some of the long-term considerations he sees.

 Adjourned 5:10 p.m.