May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017, 3:00-5:10p.m.


Piscataquis County Extension Association

Executive Committee meeting Minutes

Members present: Tish Dutson, Beth McEvoy, George McKay, Richard Neal, Dotty Hadler, Karen Murphy, Janet Yelch-Weatherbee.

Staff present: Barbara Baker, Donna Coffin, Trisha Smith, Sheila Norman. Lisa Phelps by Video.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes for the April 10, 2017 were accepted as read.

Budget report: Donna presented the financial report. The Treasurer said both signatories were re-registered as required by the Bank. Walter Boomsma has been removed as signatory due to his resignation as President of the Executive Committee. It was decided no other signatories were necessary at this time.

Program Reports:

Donna’s report: Richard has planted 400 seedlings of three different varieties of cherry tomato plants for the “One Tomato” project. A motion was made and carried that up to $300.00 be authorized to cover the expenses for the One Tomato project. This reimburses the cost of the seeds, trays, and soil for Richard to plant the seedlings. (Trish had purchased the supplies at Fedco as authorized and part of this $300.00 is to reimburse her.) There will be expenses for sandwich baggies to give out the tomatoes and there may be other small expenses related to this project. There will be more tomato plants allocated for “Black Fly” Festival in Milo as we ran out last year. Talked also about how the budget and expenses were generally handled as information for the new executive committee members.

For more details see Donna’s written report.

Home Horticulture Aide: Trish.

Trish reported on the School Garden at SeDoMoCha. Only one class is currently involved in the garden. Janet encouraged Trish to speak to other teachers to see if the program can be expanded to more classrooms. The Fence around the garden needs to be expanded and will require posts, fencing and mulch. A motion was made and passed that up to $400.00 be allocated for the supplies to expand the fencing. George will ask Steve Engstrom about mulch for the garden walkways and will get the fencing supplies from Tractor Supply. George and Richard will expand the fencing at the garden.  George, Trish and Richard will get the watering system set up the end of May…05/25/2017 with the 26th being the rain date. Anyone who wants to participate in the work day is welcome.

She reviewed the “Passport” part of the free summer lunch program. She indicated that volunteers may be needed to sign the “passports” for the lunch participants. She will coordinate with the Healthy Piscataquis group which is also participating the lunch program. The lunch program will be held at SeDoMoCha. There will be a prize for the child who gets the most checks on the passport which encourages a variety of activities.

For more details see Trish’s written report.

4-H report: Sheila

The Leaders Association will pay for the certification for Geneva Libby to expand the shooting sports instruction for the Parkman 4-H club.

Sheila is still looking for someone to teach the baby sitting class which has been requested. Sheila has been unable to find someone qualified to teach that class. Jane Conroy was suggested.

For more details see Sheila’s written report.

New Business:

Executive committee transitions. New members are needed. David Bridges, a potential new member, was unable to attend the meeting today but has indicated he would be interested in joining the committee. Voting on his acceptance was therefore postponed until the next meeting.

Amanda is working for the State Extension University system programing accounts payable for grants and other expenses and is reportedly feeling stressed. Donna requested that the state pay for Amanda full time and then suggested the Committee consider hiring a part time staff for the three days the office is open until the state is able to hire staff to cover the accounts payable position. The county position would be for a period 2-4 months. Donna has names of a couple of folks that might be interested and the University may have someone who could do that fill-in position or someone else may be hired for the part-time position for the 2-4 months. No decision was made since the state office needs to decide if they will need Amanda full time.

Decorating the office. Suggestions were made for a photo contest for pictures for the office and its newly painted walls. Richard will be the contact person for that project from the committee and Donna and Amanda will also serve on a committee. A motion was made and passed that $300.00 be ear marked for that project.

It was suggested we have Erin Callaway come speak to the committee about the old Agway Building and possible use by the Extension office for programing. Beth will contact Erin.

Submitted by Janet Yelch-Weatherbee, acting secretary for this session.