What is an RSS feed?
RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” a technology that lets you subscribe to web content wherever you see this icon: rss icon.

An RSS “feed” collects all your favorite, frequently updated web content in one easy-to-find location. It saves you from having to visit your favorite websites over and over again, looking for updates. Instead, the updates come directly to you!

How do I subscribe?
There are dozens of popular RSS Readers. Your choice will depend on how and where you want to receive your information: via your browser, your mobile, your e-mail, etc. (Search for “RSS reader apps 2020” to find information on current readers.)

What is the benefit of subscribing via RSS?
Subscribing with RSS means you no longer have to visit a site regularly to find out what’s new there. Your RSS Reader will automatically alert you when something new appears on the site. RSS allows you to stay current with dozens or even hundreds of websites, quickly and efficiently.

Other advantages
RSS feeds have some distinct advantages over receiving content via e-mail:

  • You don’t need to disclose your e-mail address when subscribing to an RSS feed, so you aren’t increasing your exposure to threats associated with e-mail, like spam, viruses, phishing, and identity theft.
  • You don’t have to send an “unsubscribe” request to stop receiving updates. Simply remove the RSS feed from your Reader to stop subscribing.
  • RSS feed items are automatically labeled and sorted to help you easily find what you want to see most.