4-H Fashion Revue Categories and Suggested Projects

Cloverbud Division (5-8 years old)

Entries will not be scored. Any item sewn, knitted or crocheted. Suggested projects include: tote bag, apron, pajama pants. Knit or crocheted headband or scarf. Cloverbuds may also create something in the Up-cycled/Re-purposed and Shopping in Style categories.

Level 1 – (Beginners)

New sewers/knitters/crocheters will remain in this category for 1-2 years or more to fully master basic skills. Simple garment projects are best. Suggested projects would include patterns with straight seams, gentle curves, and simple details. Use easy care fabrics that will not require special layout or seam finishes. For knitters and crocheters, projects with basic stitching, casting on and off, and possibly simple increasing or decreasing with a single yarn would be recommended. Projects should include at least one new skill.

Suggested Projects: Fleece hat and scarf set, tote bag with pockets, cape, buttonless vest (maybe to display your 4-H pins!), pajama pants, apron with pockets. Knit or crocheted scarf, hat, shawl, or other accessory.

Level 2 – (Intermediate)

Youth who have mastered the basic skills and are ready to learn more challenging sewing, knitting or crocheting skills. Youth remain in this category for 2 or more years. Some suggested projects include a skirt, pants or shorts with a zipper, a waistband, and side set-in slash pockets, buttons, or setting sleeves. Fabrics for this level would be an even plaid that requires matching or a fabric with a one-way design or nap. Use of patterned knitting or crocheting and multiple yarns would apply also. Projects should include at least 2 new skills.

Suggested Projects: Skirt, pants, or shorts, nightshirt/pajamas, dress or jumper. Knit or crocheted hat/mitten set, purse or vest.

Level 3 – (Advanced)

Youth in this group are in the most difficult/challenging construction, detailed project.  Projects often include 2 or 3 piece outfits.  Examples of projects include tailored jackets with a lapel collar and a set-in lining, a gown of velvet or a silky, sheer material, a knit or crocheted item with multiple patterned stitches, multiple pattern pieces or multiple yarns. Projects should include at least two new learned skills.

Making a one, two or three-piece garment look “professionally finished” by selecting a challenging pattern, handling difficult material, and properly finishing seams. Knit or crocheted sweater, pair of socks, or accessory with complex stitching.

All Levels

Anyone can submit entries to the categories below, but please keep in mind that your experience level – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced – will be considered when your item is judged (Cloverbud entries are not judged). Be sure you are appropriately showcasing your skill level. Expectations are higher for more experienced participants.

Shopping in Style – Readymade outfit. Consideration should be taken of the outfit’s physical appearance, fiber content and care, and cost of garment. Appropriate accessories and styling are part of the project. Project will be evaluated on the fit and coordination of the garments, accessories and styling.

Upcycled/Repurposed – Either wearable or non-wearable, designed and sewn from previously used materials. The item must be at least 50% recycled material (reusing an existing item in a new way).  The completed project must be different from its original use. The original garment should not be yardage like a bedspread or sheet, but an actual garment. It might be two or more original garments. Additional fabric or trim may be added to complete the project. You cannot just take a dress and resize it. You could take a large dress and make a skirt to fit a smaller person or a pair of pants. You could take the top part of the dress and add trim to make a blouse. You could make mittens out of old sweaters, a teddy bear out of an old shirt or dress. This category focuses on creativity as well as sewing skills.  You must submit a photo of the garment(s) before alterations.