York County 4-H Fashion Revue 2023

The 2023 Fashion Revue invites 4-H members to get their creative juices flowing and sew, crochet, knit, up-cycle, or style an item or outfit to be showcased at a 4-H fashion show!

Fashion Revue is open to all ages, with categories for Cloverbuds (ages 5-8 years), beginner, intermediate, and advanced sewers, knitters, crocheters, and stylists. Projects can include garments, accessories, pillowcases, totebags, scarves, hats, and many more!

You must complete the Registration Form (Google Form) by April 21st. You will need to drop off your completed project to the UMaine Extension York Office by 4pm on May 1st. Projects will be scored based on the quality of the work, the experience of the creator, and how the participant presents their work. See the information sheet below for more details.

Questions? Contact Donna Flint at 207.324.2814 or donna.flint@maine.edu.

Presentation of items to the judges will take place on Saturday May 6th at the Nasson Little Theater  (457 Main Street, Springvale) beginning at 10am. Participants may arrive early to prepare.  Participants are encouraged to bring a game or book to entertain themselves while their fellow 4-Hers are presenting to the judges. A fashion show (not judged) will take place following the presentation to judges.

4-H Fashion Revue 2023 Information Sheet

The following are REQUIRED dates to complete Fashion Revue:

  • April 21stRegistration deadline.
  • May 1st  – Projects due no later than 4:00 p.m. Projects can be dropped off at the UMaine Extension York County Office in Springvale or contact Donna or Erin by April 21st to make other arrangements.
  • May 6th  – Fashion Revue at Nasson Little Theater, 10am.

If a participant does not meet all three of the required deadlines they will not receive a ribbon or project completion certificate for their work.

Project Drop-off Deadline: May 1st

Articles must be left at the 4-H Office no later than 4:00 P.M. on May 1st. Contact Donna Flint or Erin McDonald, 207.324.2814 prior to the deadline if alternative drop off arrangements are needed. Deadline with date and time of article drop off are non-negotiable.

Please pin the following to your entry:

  • Pattern envelope and instructions, or photocopies, if commercial pattern is used
  • Commentary sheet
  • Cost Sheet
  • Photo* of original garment if entering the Up-cycled/Repurposed category
  • Photo of outfit being worn (with accessories, etc) if entering the Shopping in Style category

Commentary: Please fill out a commentary sheet using the samples as a guide.  Be sure to include all of the requested information. The commentary will be read to the audience during the fashion show as you model your garment/article. The commentary will be read as written and will be taken into consideration by the judges! Pin the commentary sheet to your entry.

Cost Sheet, Pattern Envelope and Directions: Pin these (or a photocopy) to your entry. Make sure to place a value (purchased price or estimated cost) on all items used in your project.

  • Cost Sheet  (PDF)

*Photos: Photos for Up-cycled/Repurposed and Shopping in Style categories can be printed at the Extension Office, if needed. Emails must be received by May 1st. Send to Erin McDonald at erin.mcdonald1@maine.edu.

Modeling:  Practice frequently at club meetings and at home. This will make it easier for you during judging. We will also practice during your “on-the-person” judging session.

Tips for Modeling

  • Poise and posture – Model your garment to show it to the best advantage. Your job is to show off the item you made so judges and the audience can see how it fits and may be used, as well as your own personal style. Make sure the item you made is looking its best – an iron will be available the day of judging if needed.
  • Hygiene – you should be well groomed and neat in appearance.
  • Props – consider bringing items to dress up your presentation. These can be accessories that complement your outfit, or keep you hands busy (ex. Did you make an apron, maybe carry a rolling pin or hot mitt or did you make a dress, make sure your hair is tidy and your shoes match your dress).


Construction: All garments/articles must be delivered to the UMaine Extension office by 4:00 p.m Friday, May 1st, 2023 along with (a) commentary sheet, (b) cost sheet, and, if you have used a pattern, (c) attach the pattern envelope with instruction sheet or photocopies of the instruction sheet, (d) before photo (if required for category).  If you got the pattern on-line, please provide a copy and the website you got it from. Contact Donna Flint at 207-324-2814 if alternate delivery arrangements are needed. Items will be judged based on experience level and project category requirements.

Fashion Revue – Presentation of Articles/Garments on the Person: All participants can model or present their project before the judges May 6, 2023 beginning at 10 A.M. All projects wearable or non-wearable must be modeled or presented at this time. Wear all of your fashion accessories! New this year: Your presentation of your garment/item will be included in the judging. Keep in mind you poise, posture, and attitude. Have your hair combed and your shoes tied! You will not be judged during the runway walk, which will occur as soon as all participants have presented to the judges. Let’s have some fun and show off what you did!

Scoring and Ribbons:

Blue: 85-100 points   Red: 70-84 points   White: Below 70 points

Cloverbuds:  All Cloverbuds will receive a Cloverbud participation ribbon.


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