Master Gardener Class

Master Gardener Class – February 13, 2018

Hi All, A bit of follow up from yesterday’s class on Soils Part II. Here is a link to the Soil Fertilizer Calculations (PDF) you worked on in class yesterday. This coming week we will cover Botany Part I. Homework: Review the Botany Primer (PDF), pages 1-40 (Introduction, Stems and Buds, Root and Leaves). We will cover […]

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Master Gardener Class – February 6, 2018

Hi All, Great job hanging in there through our first class on Soils and Home Composting. If you have time (Optional), enjoy listening to this amazing podcast: From Tree to Shining Tree. This coming week our class will focus on Soils Part II and Vermicomposting (worm composting). Homework/Readings:  Review Soils readings from last week. Familiarize yourself with the Soils […]

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Master Gardener Class – January 30, 2018

Hi All, This is my first blog post for this year’s class with many more to come. Our class next Tuesday morning at 8:30 will be on Soils Part I and Home Composting. This is the page to please BOOKMARK for one-stop shopping for all your York County Master Gardener Forms and Information, including links to the […]

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