National 4-H Trip Applications Are Due March 9, 2018 (Conference and Congress)

National 4-H Trips are excellent opportunities to meet 4-H members from across the nation. Participants learn about many career options, and learn through educational workshops at Congress or become a part of a team making recommendations to National 4-H Council at Conference. To learn more about these trips, visit the National 4-H Trips page.

Any Maine 4-H Youth, ages 14 to 18, is eligible to apply. Applicants must be current Maine 4-H members both at the time of application and the time of the actual trip. Application packets must be sent to your county office and postmarked by March 9, 2018. Interview dates are April 21 or 22, 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Palmer at 207.310.4235 or

  • 2018 National 4-H Congress is November 23-27, 2018 in Atlanta Georgia with an orientation for the trip on October 27, 2018  
  • 2019 National 4-H Conference is April 6 to 11 in Washington, D.C., with an orientation for that on Feb 9, 2019

Leaders and office staff, if you have senior members in your clubs, please encourage them to participate.  They are amazing trips!