National 4-H Trips

National 4-H Trips are excellent opportunities to meet 4-H members from across the nation. Participants learn about many career options, and learn through educational workshops at Congress or become a part of a team making recommendations to National 4-H Council at Conference. To learn more about these trips, visit National 4-H Congress or National 4-H Conference.

Any Maine 4-H Youth, ages 14 to 18 is eligible to apply. Applicants must be current Maine 4-H members both at the time of application and the time of the actual trip.

How do you decide which trip to apply for? Here are some of the basic highlights and focuses of each trip:

National 4-H Congress

  • Community Involvement
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Group Dynamics

National 4-H Conference

  • Youth/Adult Partnerships
  • Youth Voices and Involvement
  • Leadership

Eligible Maine 4-H youth interested in National 4-H Trips are encouraged to consider applying for both National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference. These trips are unique and an opportunity may be missed by only applying for one of the two trips.

Youth must submit an application packet and participate in an in-person or Zoom interview. To learn more about the selection process, visit the information page. To learn more about the expectations of the judges, visit the judges’ page.

Application Packets include:

  • Online Application
  • Submit a printed application packet:
    • Application: Word | PDF
    • 4-H Story Guidelines: Word | PDF (Note: Follow the guidelines for your 4-H story specified; there are required pieces for this version of the 4-H story in addition to those listed in a 4-H Portfolio.)
    • Resume Template: Word | PDF

County Offices should send Application Packets to:

Jessy Brainerd
State 4-H Office
491 College Ave
Orono, ME  04473


submitted electronically to

National trip Application packets must be postmarked to your county office by January 26, 2024.
Interview Dates will be on February 9 and 10, 2024.

Cost of the Trip

In the past, funding for these trips has been generously supplied by the Maine 4-H Foundation and delegates have been responsible for $250. However, given our uncertain economic times, it is unsure how much the Foundation will contribute this year. Financial information will be updated as soon as possible.