Interview Questions

Judges will select questions from this list during the interview. Judges may ask you questions pertaining to items referenced in your application.

  1. Why do you want to attend one of these national trips?
    Why do you feel you would be a good representative of Maine 4-H?
  2. How do you describe 4-H to someone who does not know about 4-H?
  3.  What are the most significant projects you have done during your 4-H career, and how long have you done them?
  4. What are the most important life skills you have mastered as a result of your 4-H work?
  5. How has 4-H encouraged you to do service within  your club, school or community? How has community service made a difference in your life and/or the lives of others?
  6. How has 4-H helped you develop your leadership skills? Give us a specific example of a situation where you were a leader.
  7. How have the experiences and learning skills developed through 4-H influenced your future goals and plans?
  8. Tell us about something you do really well.
  9. Give us an example of how you have handled a difficult or challenging situation.
  10. Identify a problem or an issue where you wanted to see something changed. How did you address it, and what was the outcome?

Additional questions for Conference applicants

  1.  How would you share what you learned at Conference with your county or state when you return?
  2.  How would you explain your experiences in 4-H to a senator or member in congress?
  3.  What characteristics do you have that will make you a good representative for the state of Maine?

Additional questions for Congress applicants

  1. How has 4-H prepared you to be a good citizen?
  2. At 4-H Congress you will be with about 1,000 new people. What makes you most anxious and most excited?
  3.  Please tell us about your experience with cultural diversity.
  4. What are some strategies you would use when meeting people from other cultures?
  5. Atlanta is a large city.  Tell us what you would do if you got separated from your group in a large city.