Service Projects and Physics: Community Central


The Portland High School 4-H club, including members of CYFAR Community Central, spent January conducting their winter service learning project. The club members planned two meals for 50 people at the Ronald McDonald House in Portland, Maine. The House is a place for family members whose children are patients at the Maine Medical Center. Volunteers cook the families a homemade meal each night so that they don’t have to eat out at expensive restaurants.

young man smiling using blenderThe 4-H Club members planned two different meals then they purchased the food and prepared the meals. The first meal was a delicious Rice Biryani dish with fruit salad and vegetables. The second meal was a Chicken Pesto Pasta with cooked carrots, garlic bread, and brownies.

group of teens and adults at kitchen counter
Mitch Mason, Master Gardner volunteers, and Portland High students preparing a meal for Ronald McDonald House.

While conducting the service project, the teens learned about planning a healthy meal for people they didn’t know. The teens considered how families who were stressed and worried might want comfort food that was still healthy. The teens also had to consider meals that could be refrigerated for later use. The teens toured the Ronald McDonald House and learned the various reasons children in Maine might have a prolonged visit to a hospital.


youth passing dominos to builder
Teamwork is key to this endeavor!

Third-graders at McMahon Elementary in Lewiston have started learning about Force & Motion. So far, students have used dominos to explore potential and kinetic energy. Over the next couple of months, these third-graders will start looking at speed and friction, projectile physics with catapults, magnetism, and more!

heart made of dominosOne domino can knock over another domino one and a half times its size!

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