Sustainable Fishing: Maine 4-H STEM Toolkit of the Month

Each month we will be highlighting a different 4-H STEM Toolkit available from UMaine Cooperative Extension 4-H Program!

In this new, innovative toolkit youth will explore a variety of animals that are fished for in Maine and the various methods of how to find them. Bodies of water are huge! How can we narrow down where fish could be found and if they are actually there? In a series of 8 activities, youth will create maps with fish species, scavenge for evidence of animals, and model how DNA can be used to determine whether an animal is present in a body of water. By exploring relevant phenomena, youth have the opportunity to persevere through puzzling activities, catch each other’s fish populations and investigate as crime scene scientists. Throughout these fishing-related activities, youth will consider which practices are sustainable versus unsustainable, working towards bettering the ways we interact with the environment and fishing industries. Run, don’t walk – this toolkit will be coming in early 2022!

Learn more about this, and other 4-H STEM Toolkits online, where you can see what is available for different age groups or topic areas.