Maine 4-H Dog Clinics

Currently, two 4-H dog clinics are planned each spring; one in Machias and one at the University of Maine.  Participants learn about Showmanship, Obedience, Agility, the dog group featured at ESE and many other topics.


All participants in Dog Camp must complete and submit Maine 4-H Proof of Vaccinations for Dogs Word | PDF.

Packing List for Dog Clinics

Frequently Asked Maine 4-H Days Dog Camp Questions

Q: How many dogs may I bring, how old do they have to be and can I participate without a dog?

A: Participants may bring up to two of their own 4-H project dogs that they have trained, as long as the dogs are non-aggressive and each can be handled individually by the 4-H’er. The dog’s age is not a factor in most workshops and dogs are not necessary for all of the workshops. Usually about half of the activities are hands-on with dogs, and the other half are not. No aggressive dogs will be allowed to participate at camp; and dogs exhibiting signs of aggression towards anyone may be asked to leave the activity or camp for the safety of all.

Q: If my dog is well-behaved can it be off-leash during camp?

A: All dogs must be on-leash at all times.

Q: Who can participate in Dog Camp?

A: 4-H members age 9 – 18 can participate.

Q: What are some workshops that we have had at Dog Camp in the past?

A: Some of the events that we have had in the past are agility, rally-obedience, basic obedience, multi-level showmanship, tracking, Bach Flower Remedies, dog rescues, first aid, flyball, freestyle canine dancing and many more.  We also offer dog themed crafts and games.

Q: What type of supervision is required?

A: All participants must have a chaperone.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Check out the Packing List for Dog Clinics.

Dog Camp

4-Hers at Dog Camp

4-Hers receiving information at Dog Camp

4-Hers with dogs at Dog Camp

Dog at Dog Camp

4-Hers watching the demonstrations at Dog Camp

Dog learning to walk across a plank at Dog Camp

4-Her with her howling dog