Animal Science Committee Activity Coordinator


Animal Science Committee Activity Coordinator


The work is statewide which includes two meetings a year in Central Maine and additional events and activities.  The use of technology such as phone and video conferencing is used.


Provide leadership in coordination with ASC Members and Staff Liaison to develop and implement an educational program aligned with the Maine 4-H State Plan of Work for Maine 4-H members interested in a particular animal species.


  • Activity Coordinator must be a currently enrolled Maine 4-H volunteer.
  • Demonstrated skills or knowledge in the commodity area.
  • A demonstrated commitment to youth and youth development through “learning-by-doing” experiences.
  • Demonstrated skills and experience working with groups of people, mainly volunteers and youth.
  • Served on the ASC committee for at least one year.
  • A current ASC Treasurer can not serve as Activity Coordinator.
  • Demonstrated leadership, organizational and communication skills.


  • Serve as committee chairperson.
  • Coordinate and facilitate ASC meetings.
  • Serve as the liaison between the committee and the University of Maine.
  • Attend Spring and Fall ASC meetings.
  • Coordinate events planned by the committee as appropriate.
  • Coordinate and communicate with ASC sub-committees as appropriate.
  • Provide leadership to the committee to develop and carry out an annual educational plan of action based on identified needs in support of the commodity area.
  • Actively support and implement the annual educational plan.
  • Provide input in developing an annual budget for the ASC.
  • Work in support of helping to secure additional funding to support the ASC’s programs.
  • Provide input into Maine 4-H policies (which includes state, regional or national team selection process) relevant to the commodity in coordination with the university.
  • Coordinate and support the selection process/tryouts for state, regional or national teams.
  • If needed be available to chaperone at ASC events or programs, or help identify appropriate 4-H volunteers who can serve in this role.
    • Note: The minimum age for an assistant event chaperone will be 21 and the minimum age for the chaperone acting in the role of group leader will be 25. They must also be currently enrolled Maine 4-H volunteers, and have completed VOLT training.  (Additional chaperone information is located in the Maine 4-H Policies, Procedures and Guidelines on-line manual.)
  • Follow-through on commitments and provide feedback to committee members.
  • Work with the committee treasurer and/or University of Maine Extension Staff to ensure accurate and complete financial records and to access funds.
  • Work with committee and University of Maine Extension Staff to determine youth participation fees for activities and programs.
  • Responsible to ensure youth participation fees have been paid by the indicated deadline.
  • Attend Eastern States Exposition (ESE) and provide leadership for the volunteers and youth team members, or designate a committee member to serve in that role.
  • Represent Maine or designate an ASC member to serve as a member of the New England ESE  4-H Committee each October.
  • Help recruit new ASC members as needed.
  • Participate in the selection process of ASC members.
  • Participate in quarterly Animal Science Committee Activity Coordinator meetings.
  • Responsible to check with ASC staff liaisons or Animal Science Coordinator to ensure vendors used are UMaine approved.

Time Commitment

  • Term: One term of three years (renewable after a three year break)
  • Time commitment will vary depending on the committee but is estimated at a minimum of 150 hours per year.


  • Orientation for new Activity Coordinators
  • Training as needed
  • Staff liaisons, Animal Science State Program Coordinator and Eastern States Exposition (ESE) Coordinator provide support for each committee.


  • Share their knowledge and expertise with youth in the animal science program.
  • Network with other volunteers from around the state.
  • Develop and practice leadership skills.
  • Access to research-based information.
  • Travel opportunities.


UMaine Extension Staff Liaison and Animal Science State Program Coordinator