Animal Science Committee: Mission, Parameters, Application, and Selection Process


The Mission of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Animal Science Committees is to nurture and support Maine youth through positive experiential learning opportunities in which 4-H members grow, develop and use life skills. The objective of each Animal Science committee is to work with the Staff Liaison and Activity Coordinator to develop and implement an educational program aligned with the Maine 4-H State Plan of Work for Maine 4-H members interested in a particular animal species.

The Animal Science Committee is designed to serve as a leadership group. Additional volunteers can, and should be recruited to help carry out the educational goals of the committee. These additional volunteers might serve on a sub-committee, act as a resource to share expertise, or be utilized at the time of an actual event.

Animal Science Committee Parameters

  • Animal Science Committees will have a maximum of 20 members (16 adults and 4 youth) serving on the committee at any one time.
  • A ratio of 1 teen to 4 adults will be encouraged.
  • Activity Coordinators may serve a maximum of one term (three years) in this role.  A person may come back and serve in this role again after a 3-year break.
  • Youth members of the committee are asked to commit to one year at a time, but may serve up to three years.  When a youth ages out of 4-H, they must re-apply for a position on the committee as an adult if they wish to continue.
  • New members should ideally make up at least ¼ of the committee.
  • No more than two family members (immediate or extended) will serve on each committee at a given time.
  • We will strive to have representation from across the state on each committee.

Application Process for new ASC Members

  • Review the ASC role description and qualifications before applying.
  • Fill out the application, which includes getting two letters of support (one from a 4-H staff member, and one from a 4-H volunteer)
  • Applications will be reviewed once a year before the Fall meeting. Applications can be submitted to the State 4-H Office anytime during the year, but the deadline for consideration for the fall meeting is September 15.  Applicants will be notified at least 10 days before the next Animal Science Committee meeting of the decision of the review committee.
  • Application and letters of support are first reviewed by the Staff Liaison and Activity Coordinator.
  • If there are no issues the applicants are passed on to the Membership Committee.
  • Pre-screened applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee (Staff Liaison, ASC Activity Coordinator, and one to two current ASC members)
  • Each year, different ASC members may serve on the selection committee. He or she may not serve on a year when they are applying for renewal of their own membership.
  • Applicant will be notified at least 10 days prior to the ASC meeting by the Staff Liaison.
  • If applicant is accepted as a new ASC member, they are expected to attend the Fall ASC meeting, usually held in October.

Application and Selection Process for ASC Activity Coordinator

  • Review role description and qualifications before ASC Member applies.
  • Interested ASC Members submit a letter of interest to the State 4-H Office by October 1st. (See attached Activity Coordinator letter of interest template.)
  • Letter of interest is reviewed by Staff Liaison and State Animal Science Coordinator.
  • Letters of interest from acceptable candidates are then given to ASC members at least one week before the Fall ASC meeting at which time a committee vote will occur. Majority rules.
  • Term: Three years (renewable after a 3 year break)

In the event that an activity coordinator can not fulfill their responsibilities a new one will be selected at the next animal science committee meeting and the process above would be followed.

To allow for committee work to continue an interim activity coordinator could be appointed by the State Animal Science Coordinator and Staff Liaison with input from the ASC members.