Animal Science Committee State Coordinator


To provide coordination and oversight for 4-H youth development for statewide animal science educational program development and implementation in partnership with ASC members, Activity Coordinators, Staff Liaisons, ESE State Coordinator and 4-H staff.


  • Work with Animal Science Committee (ASC) Staff Liaisons and Activity Coordinators, and support staff in the State 4-H Office (S4HO) to support the work of the ASC’s in developing and implementing educational programs aligned with the Maine 4-H Plan of Work for Maine 4-H members interested in a particular animal species.
  • Work closely with the Staff Liaison and the ASC committee to evaluate the impact of the educational plan of the Animal Science Committee and report impact data into the Maine Planning and reporting System.
  • Coordinate the selection process of the Animal Science Committees.
  • Work in partnership with colleagues on the 4-H Youth Development Program Leadership Team and serve on task forces as necessary.
  • Participate as a member of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Livestock Program Leadership Team (faculty and professionals) to provide a link between the 4-H Animal Science Projects and the research and outreach education being conducted at the university.
  • Maintain open communication with personnel with the Maine Department of Agriculture as it relates to the 4-H Animal Science projects in animal health and regulatory matters.
  • Provide leadership for convening and conducting Fall and Spring statewide meetings of the ASC’s.
  • Provide leadership for convening and conducting quarterly Activity Coordinator meetings.
  • Provide orientation and training to ASC Members, Activity Coordinators, chaperones and Staff Liaisons as needed.
  • Provide oversight, guidance and interpretation of Maine 4-H policies relevant to the commodity in coordination with the ASC Staff Liaison.
  • Approve the process for selecting team members for state, regional and national events and activities.
  • Support positive working relationships, communication and conflict resolution among ASC members, Activity Coordinators, and Staff Liaisons as needed.
  • Supervise ASC-related work done by state 4-H Office support staff, delegating appropriate tasks.
  • Work with ASC Treasurers to ensure accurate and complete financial records and timely reporting to the S4HO and the UMaine Cooperative Extension Financial Office.
  • Work with committee treasurer and Staff Liaison to determine youth participation fees for activities and programs.
  • Work with State ESE Coordinator to determine participation fees for ESE events.
  • Provide support to ASC members and staff liaisons in conducting statewide events and try-outs including securing location, contracts, risk management consultation, budget development and other logistics as needed.
  • Coordinate staff coverage of ESE in collaboration with Staff Liaisons and other UMaine Cooperative Extension staff.
  • Facilitate selection of chaperones in partnership with the Staff Liaison for state, regional, or national teams.
  • Coordinate with the UMaine Extension Marketing Manager to highlight achievements of the youth and volunteers enrolled in the Animal Science programs.
  • Coordination of State 4-H Office and Animal Science Committee communication to volunteers, members, county offices to include but not limited to:
    • Monthly State 4-H Office CORE newsletter.
    • Informing county staff on a timely basis regarding events, tryouts, policies, etc.
    • Use appropriate technologies to provide information to staff, volunteers, and youth.
  • Work to involve and serve under-represented clients, according to civil rights laws and objectives.
  • Supervise state 4-H office support staff.
  • Perform other reasonably related duties as assigned.