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General Volunteer Resources - Policies, Procedure and Guidelines

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Audience – The Maine 4-H Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Manual is an electronic compilation of information relevant to the Maine 4-H program.  It is intended primarily for three audiences:

  • 4-H members
  • 4-H volunteers
  • 4-H Youth Development staff

Format – This online manual is designed to be viewed from a computer or mobile device; it contains links to internal and external resources, and is continually updated.  We advise against printing out the entire manual/ print only specific sections as needed.  Note that links will be lost in a printed copy.  In addition, there is a danger that printed copies may not be current for long.

Procedure for Amending the Manual

  • Any 4-H staff, volunteer, or youth may propose amendments to the Policies and Procedures manual.
  • The proposed amendment should be presented to the Policy Team for inclusion on the next Green Team meeting.  4-H volunteers and youth may give proposals to county staff, to be passed on to the Policy Team.
  • The proposed amendment will be presented at the Green Team meeting by the person who proposed the changed or by a designated Green Team member.
  • The Green Team will serve as a point of final approval and accountability on all 4-H Youth Development policies and procedures.  However, the Green Team will send any proposed amendment that changes staff practices to the whole PLT for input and vote.
  • The Policy Team insures that approved amendments are integrated into the web-based manual.  All approved amendments include a date of revision and staff will be notified when revisions are made.
  • Staff will keep the 4-H community informed of changes.

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines – The manual makes a distinction between “policies,”  “procedures,” and “guidelines” by putting them in separate sections.  For the purposes of this manual:

  • Policies are firm practices that must be followed by Maine 4-H members, volunteers and staff.
  • Procedures are descriptions of how policies and guidelines are implemented.
  • Guidelines are helpful suggestions of behavior.  Discretion is left to the audiences as to whether or how they follow guidelines.

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