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Youth - Follow a Researcher!®

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Follow a Researcher® Expedition 4:
Maine Coast!

How do scientists know what data to collect and how to collect it?

In last week’s video, Tyler described asking questions and defining problems to direct his focus on the problem of the invasive European green crab, and its relationship to the spiny-headed worm parasite that it has been found to carry. Another step in Tyler’s process was to gather and evaluate information from suggestions made in previous research studies and observations of past events to help develop some testable research questions.

This week, we revisit those questions as Tyler explains how they are used to make decisions about what data will be needed to help answer those questions, and making plans to identify the best locations and methods to gather those data. Tyler will discuss how he will be gathering and analyzing data, planning and carrying out investigations, and designing solutions to problems. Read more >>

Tyler Van Kirk
the Scientist
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Silvia films Tyler holding a green crab for the 2018 season of FAR
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Tyler holding a green crab
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Highlights from Expedition 3: Antarctica!

Check out Lynn’s awesome video, capturing moments at work and at play while doing research in Antarctica! Thanks for following!

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