Coming soon! Expedition 5: From UMaine to the UN: Climate Science and Policy

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UMaine researchers Will and Anna at a recent COP conference
UMaine researchers Will and Anna at a recent COP conference.

With collaboration from UMaine Cooperative Extension’s 4-H program, a team led by Anna McGinn and Will Kochtitzky is planning to use Extension’s Follow a Researcher® program to virtually bring students to Poland for COP24. Students will be able to experience the negotiations through blog posts, tweets, live video conferences, and interviews with country negotiators, heads of NGOs, and other delegates.

“A central piece of our attendance at the COPs is to draw connections between these international efforts and the State of Maine,” says McGinn. “Attending the COPs presents a unique opportunity for researchers in Maine to explore how scientific research feeds into international decision-making on climate change to build relationships with leading policymakers, physical and social scientists, and practitioners from around the world.”

With generous support from the Alton ’38 and Adelaide Hamm Campus Activity Fund.

For more information, contact Greg Kranich, 207.581.3292, or email To request a disability accommodation, contact Greg Kranich.

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