Expedition 6: Iceberg Systems in Antarctica!

Mariama DryakMeet the Scientist: Mariama Dryak

Mariama’s current research involves using satellite imagery to measure how icebergs are melting around Antarctica. Icebergs are chunks of ice that break off of glaciers that flow into the ocean, called “marine-terminating glaciers.” Measuring iceberg melt can help us better understand changing ocean conditions (temperature and velocity), and how these changes might affect nearby glaciers. This is important information since the melting glaciers can affect ocean circulation, marine ecosystems, and sea level rise.

One of the coolest parts of Mariama’s work (sorry, bad iceberg joke!) is that she can use satellite technology to gather information that is nearly impossible to obtain from ships. Because it is so difficult to make these measurements in the field, it is difficult to fully understand the relationship between ocean conditions and glacier changes.

Week 4: Expedition 6 Cause and Effect

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