Greenhouse Plastic Recycling

Special COVID-19 Announcement

Drop-off locations for greenhouse plastic recycling will not open until on or about June 21, 2020.

For growers and farmers ready to recycle their plastic before June 21, we encourage you to participate in the program by storing your plastic in a clean and dry location until your local drop-off site is open. Please refer to instructions for estimating number of plastic bundles, cutting, folding and storing your plastic (coming soon). 

Online registration for dropping off plastic bundles will open approximately two weeks before the drop-off sites are open to the public.

We will continue to assess the evolving COVID -19 situation and will post periodic updates on this website.

Statewide Collection Starting Summer of 2020

LDPE #4 plastic-covered hoop houseGrant-Funded Pilot Program

University of Maine Cooperative Extension has been awarded $38,764 by a one-year State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection Waste Diversion Grant to develop a statewide pilot program to recycle agricultural greenhouse plastic. The program’s goal is to collect at least one-third of Maine’s annual waste greenhouse plastic, and partner with an end-user who can convert the collected plastic into resin feedstock used in the manufacture of new plastic products.


For more information, contact program manager David McDaniel at or 207.342.5971 (UMaine Extension Waldo County office).