Greenhouse Plastic Recycling Program

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is anticipating that our drop-off sites will open for the 2022 season from April 19 through November 21, 2022. Additional details will be posted to this website as they become available.

In the meantime, if you have greenhouse plastic you would like to recycle, please prepare your plastic bundles per the instructions on this website and store the bundles undercover to keep them dry until our drop-off sites are open this spring.

Please check the drop-off sites map for site-specific information and pre-register your bundles before you take them.

If you are a large commercial operation, please contact us to make arrangements.

LDPE #4 plastic-covered hoop houseIn 2020, University of Maine Cooperative Extension was awarded $38,764 by a one-year State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection Waste Diversion Grant to develop a statewide pilot program to recycle agricultural greenhouse plastic. The program’s goal is to collect at least one-third of Maine’s annual waste greenhouse plastic, and partner with an end-user who can convert the collected plastic into resin feedstock used in the manufacture of new plastic products.


For more information, contact program manager Matt Wallhead at or 207.581.2949.