Greenhouse Plastic Recycling Program

For our 2021 recycling season, most drop-off sites will be open May 17 through December 17.

Please check the drop-off sites map for site-specific information and pre-register your bundles before you take them.

If you are a large commercial operation, please contact us to make arrangements.

LDPE #4 plastic-covered hoop houseIn 2020, University of Maine Cooperative Extension was awarded $38,764 by a one-year State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection Waste Diversion Grant to develop a statewide pilot program to recycle agricultural greenhouse plastic. The program’s goal is to collect at least one-third of Maine’s annual waste greenhouse plastic, and partner with an end-user who can convert the collected plastic into resin feedstock used in the manufacture of new plastic products.


For more information, contact program manager Matt Wallhead at or 207.581.2949.