Developing a Sensible and Successful Marketing Attitude — A five-page fact sheet on general marketing principles from Purdue University Cooperative Extension.

Developing and Implementing a Successful Marketing Plan — A five-page fact sheet on developing and implementing your marketing plan from Purdue University Cooperative Extension.

Direct Marketing of Farm Produce and Home Goods (PDF) — Direct marketing alternatives and strategies for beginning and established producers.

Food for Profit: Marketing Your Food Product — A fact sheet on the basics of marketing food products profitable by Penn State University Extension.

Is There a Market for My Product or Service? — A fact sheet on marketing techniques for growing businesses from the Iowa Small Business Development Center (scroll down; listed under Documents).

Marketing Specialty Forest Products (PDF) – A fact sheet discussing was entrepreneurs can market their specialty forest products by the University of Nebraska.

Marketing Strategies to grow your business — A fact sheet on understanding marketing for small businesses from Penn State University.

Marketing: What Needs to be Done — An eight-page fact sheet on marketing from Kansas State University Research and Extension.

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