Stay Updated on the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Move

Exciting News! The University of Maine Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (formerly the Animal Health Laboratory) is preparing to move to our new building at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory.

Our new facility is located at 17 Godfrey Drive, Orono and will also house the Pest Management Unit and Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory.

We will still offer our current services and tests, but will now have increased research and diagnostic capabilities including large animal necropsies.

We may need to close parts of our lab while moving. We will make our best efforts to notify farmers in advance. Please be sure to contact the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at 207.581.2788 before submitting samples.

To stay updated on our move, check our website at

During the move there may be brief periods of time when our phones are not working. If you need to contact us during one of these times, we can be reached via email at

Thank you for your understanding during the move!