The Farmer’s Response to Disease Outbreaks: Biosecurity, Simple Cleaning, and Disinfection Can Slow or Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Anne Lichtenwalner, DVM, Ph.D., UMaine Extension veterinarian, associate professor, and director of the Extension Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory When viruses are transmitted between species (zoonotic diseases) they raise more of a concern than if we are dealing with well-known human viruses, such as the common cold. However, many strategies that farmers use to prevent illness in […]

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Media cover U.S. Senate field hearing at tick lab

A number of media outlets reported that Sen. Susan Collins held a Senate field hearing Thursday at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Tick Lab to promote a bill to boost federal funding to fight Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. The Portland Press Herald reported the TICK Act, sponsored by Collins and Sen. Angus King, […]

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Maine’s Plant Pathologist: Dr. Smart

“We serve all the people of Maine, so I work one-on-one with farmers. I also work with Master Gardener Volunteers, I give a lot of talks through the winter during the down time when we’re not receiving as many samples. I generally give about five talks a month, interacting with all different folks that want […]

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Stay Updated on the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Move

Exciting News! The University of Maine Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (formerly the Animal Health Laboratory) is preparing to move to our new building at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory. Our new facility is located at 17 Godfrey Drive, Orono and will also house the Pest Management Unit and Aquatic Animal Health […]

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aerial view of the Cooperative Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory

New Diagnostic Laboratory Slated to Open in 2018

The new Cooperative Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory will facilitate: The expansion of the animal diagnostic program to work on large mammals, including horses, cattle and wildlife, to aid in the detection, diagnosis and management of emerging diseases; The screening of ticks for Lyme disease and other disease-causing organisms; Statewide mosquito monitoring and a disease prevention/awareness […]

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