Researcher Meghan Spoth Highlighted in National Geographic

Polar science used to be dominated by men. An expedition to Thwaites Glacier is helping change that. Read more about UMaine first-year master’s student Meghan Spoth and the other women aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer who are changing the landscape of Antarctic research in Elizabeth Rush’s National Geographic article.

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News from the Nathaniel B. Palmer at the start of the ship’s mission to study Antarctica’s massive Thwaites Glacier

Several media outlets are posting information from researchers aboard the Nathaniel B. Palmer. Learn more about the ship’s mission to study Antarctica’s massive Thwaites Glacier: Antarctica Dispatch 7: Under Thwaites Glacier, PRI’s The World Blogs and Writing, The International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration THWAITEing….At Rothera Station, Thwaites Glacier Offshore Research (THOR)

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Follow a Researcher® Extra!

Follow researcher Meghan Spoth, a first-year master’s student at the University of Maine, who is studying how climate change affects glaciers today and how glaciers have changed in the past. She is going into the field to study Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica then Mt Usborne on East Falkland Island!

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