Meet the Scientist: Meghan Spoth

Meghan SpothI grew up in Hudson Valley, New York and I always enjoyed hiking, swimming, skiing, and just being outdoors. I was really into biology in middle school, and ended up taking a very science and music heavy schedule in high school. Originally I applied to colleges to become an Occupational Therapist since it seems like a creative job that would actively help people’s daily lives. I was luck enough to have a chance to do a medical shadowing program through my high school and realized I did not love the medical field as much as I loved the sciences classes I had taken to be there. From there I enrolled to SUNY New Paltz to explore STEM major options and I fell in love with Environmental Geochemistry as a combination of many branches of science.

Today, I am a Masters student at UMaine in the School of Earth and Climate where my work continues to be multidisciplinary. My thesis involves geology, biology, meteorology, physics, and climatology and I love the chances it brings to learn new things daily! I am always thankful for the time I took in high school and freshman year of college to explore the many branches of STEM. Advisers and teachers were always helpful along the way, even if they did not have an answer they could provide resources for me. Even though I did not follow the medical path, I have never regretted the time I spent exploring the option.

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