Which apple and stone fruit tree pests and diseases should I proactively spray for?


I have a few young apple and stone fruit trees. Which pests and diseases should I spray proactively and which should wait until I see activity or damage?


Renae Moran, Fruit Tree Specialist, Highmoor Farm

We have a website on spraying fruit trees.  

Insect Pests – Cooperative Extension: Tree Fruits

Pests that are problematic every year are these:

  • plum curculio
  • codling moth
  • apple maggot

Trunk borers are less a problem each year, but when they pop up, they kill trees.

What spray materials will you be using?  What is your plan for safe spraying?
Contact me again for any fruit tree questions.  You will probably have questions about timing and what sprays to use.  We’re here to help.